Implantation Bleed??

Hi girls, I am very confused!
I gave birth nearly 13 weeks ago, on 5th March. I had a period of 'sorts' which began on April 16th - and another on May 22nd. Myself and OH have decided to try for number two, and ttc a week ago exactly. I have had slight cramping about an hour ago and went to the toilet (tmi) and there was watery blood in my underwear. I wiped myself and it was pinky/brown blood. I had an implantation bleed on my first pregnancy, but hadn't just had my period. This months period finished on 26th May. Do you think it's possible I ovulated just before my period?!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am so not understanding my body!


  • I'm not really sure but i have read that you can get spotting when you OV? Have you got any other symptoms?
  • I POAS this morning and was a negative for ovulation so not OV I don't think. I've been a bit teary over the past few days, bit tired, but then I do have a 3 month old!
  • I think it might be too early for you to have ov'd and be having implantation bleed, unless your cycles are really short? You would have had to ov just after your af. xx
  • Yeah, in retrospect probably not BFP time for me just yet, however dunno what's going on with the bleed and cramps - maybe my hormones still all over the place...
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