help me!!

oh my goodness, so close to poas'ing!

Symptoms are so good but they have been before. Just to let you know my history, just been diagnosed with PCOS (only had 2 periods in a year!) Had a chemical pregnancy in January - but no bleed afterwards - is this even possible?

This week I've been getting strong symptoms, achey legs that I had last time got my BFP, tiredness, definite weepiness, wind (tmi), and over the last 2 days feeling incredibly sick! I'm never sick and on Monday night I was really poorly!

Is this just my overactive imagination?

Scared to test if it's early as don't want the upset of chemical pregnancy again! I have no idea what dpo I am as last period was the 22nd October!



  • ooo sounds good hun! maybe test? xxxx
  • you should definitely test !!
    babbby dussst to you
  • well, the results are in!!
    After poas'ing I have got another vvvvvvvvv faint line (can only see in certain lights and when tilting towards the window) but I am classing as a BFN!

    I am not, I repeat not going to poas on the second test until at least next weekend. I can't put myself and hubby through another chemical pregnancy!

    My name is wannabeamummy and I am addicted to poas!
  • lol good plan hun! good luck! hopefully its a shy bean! xxxxx

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