PMS and Pregnancy symptoms - useful during the TWW

Below is an example of PMS symptoms. jUST TO ADD BELOW CAN ALSO BE RELATED TO PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS!!!!!! Just to confuse matters
So unfair LOL

I am due for AF tomorow and have had cramping, low back ache, bloating, sore boobs for the past week !!!!!!! Arggghhhh - Think the whitch is out to get me with avengence LOL

Since we all need to be reminded of these especially in the 2ww I thought I would remind everyone of this.

Physical changes include:
??????? Breast swelling and tenderness.
??????? Bloating, water retention, weight gain.
??????? Changes in bowel habits.
??????? Acne.
??????? Nipple discharge when nipples or breasts are pressed. (Any nipple discharge that occurs when you aren't pressing on a nipple should be checked by a health professional.)
??????? Decreased sexual desire.
??????? Food cravings, especially for sweet or salty foods.
??????? Sleep pattern changes.
??????? Fatigue, lack of energy.
Emotional and cognitive symptoms include:
??????? Depression, sadness, hopelessness.
??????? Anger, irritability.
??????? Anxiety.
??????? Mood swings.
??????? Decreased alertness, inability to concentrate.Behavioral changes include:
??????? Aggression.
??????? Withdrawal from family and friends.
Pain includes:
??????? Headaches or migraines.
??????? Breast tenderness.
??????? Aching muscles and joints.
??????? Cramps and low back pain prior to menstrual bleeding.

Has anyone had alot of these symptoms and gone on to find out that they were pregnant?


  • Each time ive been pregnant ive never had any symptoms until i was 6wks and started to feel sicky! So i dont know why i bother symptom spotting! lol. Still it gives us something to do whilst waiting! xx
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