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ttc after misscariage

hello everyone,
I have a question for anyone who has gone through the same thing as me
I got preg in early aug and had a mc in oct and had to have a d and c. now my and i are tc again. i was just wonderning if ya'll thought it was to early to start trying i don't think i can go through another misscarriage. I just want to have another baby. i am scard if i get preg i feel like i am going to be worrying the whole time if i am going to have another mc. i am just really confussed. :\? :\? :\? thanks for listening any replys would be greatly apretiatied
thank you


  • Hi Amber, sounds very similar to me, I got preg in Aug and had a mmc 2nd Oct. Unfortunately I had probs after but am ttc again now and like you am sure I will worry but then what is the alternative? If there is no reason why it should happen again then go for it!!
    Best of luck Camlo xxx
  • hey hun, i had an mc in november, didnt have an af after and got pg straight after but it sadly ended in an mc last says it was nothing to do with the prev mc just bad luck and things should be fine in the future, so go for it hun!!! kim xxxxxxxx
  • i know what your going through i had mmc at 3 months in july also had d&c really want get pregnant again but also worried it will happen again. regarding weather its to early physicaly its Ok to ttc again but emotionally do you feel ready hun? when you get pregnant again speak to your gp ask them to give you more scans to put your mind at ease good luck hun x x
  • Sorry to hear about your mc, I went through the same thing myself. Had mmc in may + D & C then fell pregnant again in aug which sadly ended in mc aswell. But they say its really easy to get preg after D & C as your at your most fertile. If you feel emotionally and physically ready then go for it!! This is our first month of trying since last mc so fingers crossed! Good luck x
  • thanks everyone ya'll are to great to talk to. you really help me. i think we are going to continue to keep trying to have another baby. and just keep praying i don't have another mc. thank you ladies so much. ya'll are great.
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