4 days of positive OPK and temp rise


i posted a few days ago, sayng i had 3 days of opk and a few ppl said it could be my body 'trying' to ovulate and not actuall OV'ing, therefore trying again and again resulting in raised LH levels for 3 days in a row.

anyway, i had another positive yesterday afternoon and have had 3 days of increased temps using BBT. so i am thinking i have ov - but am still getting positive opk - is this normal?!

am testing again today at about 5pm, so will see what it says i spose. x


  • I dont want to get you all excited but some ladies have had the same thing and turned out to be pregnant!! Maybe you should test just to be certain. xxxx
  • Livvy, don't get too excited, it's too early for a OPK to tell you if it's a BFP - hormones are still raised after OV which is why you still have positives


    this is a really good website x
  • hi both, thanks for the responses. just getting a bit confused as this is my first month charting bbt and using opks (well, at least seeing a positive one anyway!)
    debbie - i am pretty sure i cant be pg, as yummy_mummy says - its too soon for the opk to detect that.
    i had last (light) AF on 28th and did have a 45 day cycle, but i have ov'd over a week early (good job i noticed the EWCM or i would have missed it!) so now on a 33 day cycle, wierdly!

    thanks for the web link yummy_mummy, very helpful! i think i have OV and i just have raised hormone levels still xx
  • darn it....just got ANOTHER pos OPK - so now onto 5 days of pos!
    will just have to keep an eye on my temps i suppose! xx
  • I would still do a hpt just to be certain because if your last AF was light then it could have been an implantation bleed! After 29ish months ttc on here ive seen ladies in exactly the same situation as yourself and more than half of them ended up doing a hpt and finding out they were actually pregnant and not ov! lol. I dont want to give you false hope i just thought it was worth doing a hpt just to be sure. Good luck xxxxx
  • hi debbimc - i am doing superdrug hpt tomorrow morning. i am trying SO hard not to get my hopes up! will just have to see tomorrow - see my other post, for my confusion over temps.
    littlewolf - i am using superdrug OV tests. x
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