Kind of wish my AF would hurry up and arrive.

My AF is due today. I have a very regular 28 day cycle. It's still not here. I took a first response first thing this morning - negative. And then, because i'm a poas addict, i did a cb digital this evening - negative.

I don't have any pg symptoms, but have no af symptoms either. Very strange.

I just wish af would hurry up so it could be over with and at least i'll know and move on. Finding it hard this month (month 4) and thinking i need a bit of abreak from it all.

Sorry for the moaning, just generally feel sorry for myself!


  • monster I really know how you feel.
    It happen to me this month, I was late and desperate, wasted 4 hpt only for AF arrive (2 days late)
    It was month 5 for me and I felt so emotional as deep down I have hoped AF would not arrive..

    You never know it might be different for you, it is not over until its over (you know what I mean)

    Good luck + (((hugs)))

  • Me too huni my AF is late this month on CD 36 today and still no sign. She was due around CD33 done three tests and all negative. I just want it to arrive so we can try again. We had a mc in feb so I am really struggling with all this at the moment...... I thought ttc would be enjoyable!!!!!!!
  • Yeah maybe you are pregnant, I hope so! I will no doubt be just like you next week x
  • Well my AF is now officially overdue, and still no symptoms of it arriving. Or og symptoms either. Bought a superdrug test on the way home, completely negative, not even a hint of a line.

    I'm normally so regular!
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