Help Clearblue Ovulations sticks??

Hi everyone,

I am really looking for some advice about Clearblue Digital Ovulation sticks. Basically my cycle has been around 31-34 days so I started using the Ovulations sticks at around cd12 and have basically been testing every morning and still no smilie face even though I am now on cd20 and as per mymonthlycycles I should have OV'd yesterday if my cycle was 33 days. I have had more stringy, watery, eggwhitey cm.

Basically has anyone else had this happen and still been pg. This is only our first month of ttc. We do already have 1 daughter who we conceived in the first month of trying last time without OV sticks so I think we are hoping that the same thing will happen again, however these sticks are really disheartening me..

Thanks in advance for any help

Gem x


  • iam not using the cbd ones but iam using another brand,this is my second month of been off the pill and the first month i came off the pill after 5days of taking it and i had my period a week later than i would have on the pill,so this is my first real month (hope that makes sence) i started using the sticks as soon as i finished my period cos i didnt know what my cycles were like and iam on cd21 and still iam not ov' i know what you mean about it getting you down,this is really annoying me,i never had this trouble when i had my first lo,it only took 2 months for me to fall pregnant last time and like you was hoping for it to happen again :cry: iam gonna start to jump up and down soon and hope that will shift the little buggers to release :lol: glad its not only me though who is ov' late

  • Im gonna use cbd this month too but will start on cd16 as my af is 33-34 days so i reckon i ov on cd20, i cant wait to use them as never used them before! I hope you ladies get your bfps soon especially you summer41! Chucking lots of pma and sparkly babydust at you all. xxxx
  • Hi everyone thanks for your replies, I wasn't going to use one today but then at lunchtime I thought oh what the hell and typical I got a smilie face today so I must be a couple of days late ov.

    Thanks again for your replies and good luck to all those ttc this month loads of babydust to you all.

  • Thank you so much summer41 i will certainly try fertility friend

    Good luck and hope you also get your BFP soon as well

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