Just bought some Zestica!!

Tee hee - hubby doesnt know yet!!
We have been trying since the end of August, and i know its not that long but i cant help feeling frustrated with myself. Have been told by the Dr i wont get PG while training for the half marathon, but i thought, only one more cycle until until the half marathon so will let us experiment with it a month!

Has anyone else been using Zestica/Pre Seed.

Oh - and it was free postage and comes with 5 free pregnancy tests!!! BARGAIN :lol::lol:;\);\)


  • Hi pet,

    I got my BFP today after using zestica for the first time this month! image We'd been trying since last October. Fingers crossed it does the trick for you too! xx
  • Hi huni,

    I have been thinking about buying some actually, would you mind telling me where you got it from and how much?

    Thanks hun image

    MrsH xx
  • Mrs R - Congratulations hun, thats fab news! i know it wont happen while i am running but fingers crossed for a June bean!

    Mrs H - I ordered it from Access Diagnotics - in fact, they also sent me a 5% off code too which i have copied for you below. The email said:
    As a thank you use coupon code: save
    to get a 5% discount on goods

    Code active until end of June 2010

  • Thankd hun, that's fab.

    Are you the same DP as on YAYW??

  • HI Mrs H - no i am not - though i was addicted to the site as a lurker when i was planning my wedding! tee hee someone else asked me that! When did you get married!?
  • Great user name though!

    We got married last August, been ttc since Sept, fell preg in Dec but wasn't meant to be so back to ttc again.

    How about you? When did you get married?

  • In August too - bank holiday and it was lovely! i am sorry to hear about your previous experience.
    On YAYW i was tinkerbellrose - i am a bit of a fan of disney films, cant you tell?!
  • August was fab month to get married wasn't it?!!

    I was Murphey over there but felt like a change over here image

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