1st month off pill...crazy times

Hi there, I am a newbie so thought I would do a quick post to see if anyone else is in the same boat. I have been off the pill 5 1/2 weeks no af yet. However on tues this week had EWCM so molested hubby. Now have sore nipples and funny feeling below but think it maybe could be af on the way as would be a bit lucky in first month to get caught! How long should i give it before POAS??!!


  • Hi babe i took my last pill on the 28th of last month had a pill bleed on the 3rd may and then 28 days later had my first real af. The thing is your body will be all over the place as you have just come off. I would think you could take a test now as you came off 5 and a hlaf weeks ago though dpn;t be sad if it;s a BFN as it could just take some time for your body to get back to normal again.

    big hugs

    K xx
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