+ pos ovulation test for 10 days now!!!

another one!!!! omgosh! when r u testing for ov? are u doing it with fmu?


  • got positve ov test last tues...guess what!...still is!...

    any advice please lol...done preg test neg....due on next wed xxx;\)
  • yes !! haha im testing in the evening bout 7pm?!...what could be happening do u think>? got back aches and cramps image xx doing it with the strip ones off ebay...but they coming up strong?...im confused.com i wake up thinking surly it must be gone by now!...how long are they supposed to carry on for? xx
  • i have no clue, but i thought it was a day, 2-3 at most! some people do have a hugher level of stuff( lol i forget what its called lol) u may have to go for a less sensitive test. this is the link to the tests i bought (not arrived yet) but it has lots of info on about testing etc, so may help u?


    i would maybe ditch the ov tests and get urself a cbfm as theyre more accurate? or get less sensitive ones.
  • cool thanks will have a look! thanks!....whats a cbfm how much are they, are they reusable then??

    its doing me head in now lol x could i be preggers? or am i just dreamin?x
  • yeah, its a clear blue fertility monitor, i think theyre like ??50-60 u get special ov stciks, then u put it in the cbfm aand it tells u a def when u ov, and when to test, when to bd etc. i hear theyre really good. i have no clue if ov sticks would come up + if u preggers? mite google it lol
  • haha i have googled it says its possible but who knows!..im gonna get a cbfm now gonna ebay it!...xx
  • oh cool will check it out!!! thanks!....BFP/s here we come!...i can feel it! xx
  • good plan! i really want one, but hubs wont let me image he says its too much money and it will happen when it happens blah blah, thats why we got the ov sticks instead lol.
  • yeh it is alot...i was gonna be more relaxed if i dont get my BFP this month however...cant see it happening its become my little project! lol xx
  • lol, we r 'trying' to relax this month, hubs is, but its so hard to when u want it so bad! im alot more relaxed now tho, compared to when we first started trying.
  • i no what u mean,,,,hey have you heard about getting "extreme thirst when preggers?" cos im drinking loads!...wonder if thats a sign?...normally i dont drink nowt!...and get dehydrated...but last 2 days i got loads drinks on my desk! lol...very thirsty! xx
  • yeah ive heard that a few ties too. how many dpo are you? i hope u r image
  • 10dpo i think lol i hope i am too lol and you! xx
  • fanx image not even ov'd yet, should get my ov stciks in the post on sat morning tho! wooopie! x
  • hiya!

    yes all different brands haha xx
  • Hi booey
    You say you're testing in the evening, maybe you should try a pregnancy test in the morning instead.
    Good luck - hope you get a bfp x
  • Well got home done another two tests and both+have lines there. That's ten days all with Lines. . . Am starting to think what's going on lol. Surly something is bringing these lines up. Due on next wed. . How long can this carry on for? Lol boy ideas girls. Has this ever happened to anyone else? X x
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