Am I being paranoid

Hi ladies, I haven't been around for a while.

Am I being ridiculous by starting to worry myself that nothing has happened yet and I came off the pill at Christmas? To be fair we haven't been seriously 'going for it' :lol: but having spent my whole life trying to avoid getting pregnant, I always assumed it would sort of 'happen' and I'm a bit worried that it hasn't.


  • hey hun, you're definitely not alone in thinking like that - I definitely thought it would happen a lot quicker (have been trying for almost 7 months now). Keep the PMA up, it will be so worth it when you get your BFP! xx
  • There is a 12-24 hour gap in each month when you can get pregnant and people who manage it in the first month are very lucky indeedie and people who it just happens to are either very lucky or unlucky depending on how they look at it.

    To me ttc was the most confusing time of my entire life but it will all be worth it when you get your BFP image

  • hi i started to try dec and as i concieved the first month trying with my other two didnt think this would happen but im on a mission this month to get that bfp good luck with yours xxx
  • Don't panic Gensy15, if you haven't being going for it properly the last couple of months you've probably just missed the very short period in the month when you can actually get pg. Try getting your cycle sorted out so you know exactly where you are in it and when you ov then go for it on them days and it should happpen eventually. GOod luck
  • Think I read there is a twenty percent chance ... every month. That is only if you are in your twenties, it falls after that. Which makes me amazed people get PG.
    I think its as you say we all spent Soooo much time thinking we had to protect ourselves. Ironic huh..
  • Yeah the human body is cruel with Nature! I read that too J-Jenko, I love a statistic!! But it is funny how we have avoided getting preggers most of our lives and then when we really really want it the body doesn't play ball!

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