Really fed up!

Sorry for the pointless post but feel like I need a moan....

I have only been off the pill for 4 months, but in that time I have only had 1 AF. I was feeling ok about everything, and then a few days ago I found out my husband's sister is pregnant. She is only young, and apparently it wasn't planned. This has just made me really upset, and since then I can't seem to cheer up. I am on CD 55 and don't see how I will get pregnant if my body won't work, and can't help but think something must be wrong. Do you think the doctor would just send me away again so early?

Agh, I am so sad :cry:

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  • Arrgghh BE ate my reply...

    I didn't want to R+R so I'm sending you BIG HUGS.

    If you're worried, go to the DRs, at least it will put your mind at rest!

    Good luck for the rest of TTC, I'm sure it'll be your month soon!

    x xx
  • Hey hun, no exactly where your coming from, when i first had implanion removed i had 2 periods in a year, they're still shrinking and i'm down to 40ish days, so don't worry it'll work itself you. Worry your body isn't working seems to be pretty normal, just posted something similar. Don't think the drs would do alot at the moment, but it can't hurt to try, even if its just to reassure you. Keep smiling xxxx
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