Share you TTC tips!

Thought it may be fun. What little rituals do you have and any top tips?

I've heard that the woman on top isn't suppost to be that beneficial to conceiving, and also it is possible to have too much sex due to diluting the sperm.


  • well ive become a bit obsessed whilst waiting after my mc and have been reading up lots.

    zita west says woman on top isn't that beneficial - but i think she says that if you have tilted uterus then it is ok.
    we usually ensure that we "end up" (sorry tmi!) with me on my back, then immediately i grab a pillow to prop up my bum to assist gravity!
    re too much sex - i think this depends on whether OH's sperm count is ok or not. i think every day around ov is ok unless low sperm count. when i got bfp we were going for every other day but i think we ended up in the mood for BDing a few days in a row. so not sure what we will do this month!

    one thing is for sure - i am going to be very positive this month as that seemed to help last time!!

    good luck hun, lots of babydust. xxx
  • I've read that loose boxers and keeping OH bits cool helps the sperm count, def tring the pillow and gravity thing. Also read that boy sperm swim quickest but girl sperm last longest.

    Also relaxing is meant to help!!!!
    Which ever way, just enjoy the BD>

  • yeah best way is to just enjoy BDing and not think too much about 'baby making' lol..

  • i want DH to keep his bits cool but he can't seem to find any boxers that suit him - he complains about lack of support if they are baggy or too hot if they are supportive. any ideas?!!!
  • i was very lucky and fell pregnant in 2wks of TTC. i dont no if it was luck but this is what we did.

    neither of us drank or had too much coffee.
    we had sex without fail every other day-2 days in row on most fertile days and cos we wanted too!!!
    both take all round vitamin and mineral supllement, i take pregnancare.
    most of the time i put legs in air after sex for 10 mins and didnt pee after for as long as i could!
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