hows every1 feeling??

hay ladies, how r we all, is there meny of u out the waitin for ur periods and syptom spotting i am, i feel so pregnant, headaces tired, ake, extra hungry, but dnt wanna test to get a bfn... humm its just a awiting game, : ( xxxxx


  • Hi hun,

    I'm 4dpo but i'm trying not to ss. Last month i was so concvinced i was pregnant and the AF showed up so try not to read too much into it (hard i know)!

    Good luck for your BFP!!
  • Hiya! well a couple of days ago I posted that I had no symptoms at all... however I do have some 'symptoms' altho feel all are justified and not pregnancy related.

    I feel tired but been working loads, got back ache but think thats from my crap bed and I think I have hurt myself at work, feel sick but then not ate all day and the list continues lol xxxx
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