Don't let me do it!!

SS that is!

BD last weekend when I think I ovulated (ewcm is being a bit strange to fathom out). In the last week I have felt nauseous and today I slept on the sofa for about an hour (5pm ish) as sooooo tired - that is also with a nearly 2 year old playing in the same room (don't worry OH there to watch on her). Plus I have a few cramps tonight. With my 1st I never had these feeling so soon. I had PCOS so hard to spot OV etc and 1st symptoms were my boobs on fire but I was about 4 or 5 weeks then. They tingle very slightly at the moment.

I don't want to get my hopes up but I'm dying to test, but can't really until next weekend.

I hate the waiting game......arggghhh!!


  • Good Luck Hope you get your BFP

    Month 16 TTC #2
  • Im not as bad this month tbh but last month I so convinced myself that it took 7 BFNs and 2 bottles of wine and a cry to realise no i wasnt!

    Im so impatient but not even doing FR test till weds. AF due Saturday.

    Hold tight my friend not much longer to go!
    (and good luck too!)

  • I know how you feel, im only just on the 2ww, Im so impatient its unbelievable. Im CD19 of a 30 day cycle....ov'd CD16 & 17, so nowhere near your stage but I understand where you're coming from. Its so easy to SS, its hard not to when you want something so much!!!!

    One of my best friends is coming up to 17 weeks pregnant and its very hard watching her 'growing' on a daily basis!!!! I just want to be pregnant!!! image

  • hi, hang in there, last month i went through 5 tests and wish i had waited, as af came as usual. i also read from here a lady who had a chemical pregnancy and it was heartbreaking, so this month i will be trying to wait until af is due, hope i have the will power, but stay strong hun, you can do it, will check in with you soon and hope you get a BFP!, good luck xxx
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