Plans for Weekend?

Well tonight I am going to see my gorgeous (poorly) neice Evie. I can't wait to give her a cuddle!

I am also going food shopping to get some wheat and gluten free food to help me with my IBS.

On Saturday me and OH are going to meet up with Mam and Dad at their caravan near Keswick and staying over night with them. I can't wait as it is like a different world on the site.

What is everyone else up to? xx

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  • Ahhh bless, she's adorable!

    Well me and OH are going to IKEA tomorrow because we get the keys to our new house next week image

    Just trying to keep busy and keep our minds off the m/c really. He's treating me to dinner aswell bless him!
  • Ooh that sounds exciting, love doing things like that and would you believe I have never been to Ikea!

    Ah bless him, well hope you enjoy your dinner xx

  • we have a joint hen/stag party on sat day/night its just a house party but should be good all the same

    but i am also working sunday morning and start at 6am ssooooooooooo not much drink for me lol bbooo
  • Oh hun, you need to get yourself to ikea! It's great value for money and the stuffs really good! I could just buy the whole store.

    If i won the lottery i'd go on a trolley dash round ikea image forget Gucci!
  • awwww hat a cutie! have a great weekend! im packing for honeymoon yay, (lots of bootiful undies, hoping to conceiev whilst there lol) so im thinking nice undies will help image and going round the in laws for sunday dinner xxxxxx
  • got a study day for a college course I'm doing through work which should be lots of fun - not! lol will hopefully do something nice on Sunday to make up for missing Sat x
  • going out tonight with hubbie, to an ann summers party tomorrow (going to buy some lovely underwear), spend some time in the garden and say goodbye to hubbie as he is going away sunday for a couple of nights with work and sunday night chill after doing housework

    Enjoy everyone xx
  • you guys are so lucky! im working saturday and sunday! although have just enjoyed a chinese takeaway
  • Grudie - How did the hen/stag do go? Sounds like fun to me!!

    Lady2188 - I am sure I won't be an Ikea virgin for much longer as we plan to get new wardrobes etc from there when we redecorate the house after holidays.

    Wanna - Bump - Hope you enjoyed your sleep on Sunday??

    *me* - Well I thoroughly enjoyed the hug off Evie on Friday night.

    Sun_Shine - Did you do anything nice on Sunday to make up for Saturday?

    fingerscrossed30 - sounds like fun, hope you managed to spend some dosh on nice undies!!

    so excited - Mmm I haven't had a chinese for ages.... so jealous!

    I had a fabulous weekend and ended up with a surprise which I will explain in another separate post. Had a lovely day and night at the caravan xx

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  • Pleased to hear. I was up half 7 Saturday morning then 8 on Sunday morning - not really what I call lie in's but never mind.

    She just gets cuter everytime i see her. Her favourite songs came on the kiddies channel when I had a hold of her and she was bouncing her arms and legs and loving it. She pulled her tube out after I had gone but it wasn't getting put back in till today to give her a break.

    Well I had a dull ache in my back and groin area all weekend but it was much better than earlier in the week. I just think it is because I didn't go back on my pill on Friday xx

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