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anybody ttc no4

hi there is it just me.its seems to be taking longer this time round for some long have you all been trying? starting to lose the will to live!!


  • Hi there, yes am also TTC no. 4, but am only on month 1. Caught very quickly with other 3

    no.1 - month2
    no.2 - month2
    no.3 - month 1 (and with only 1 bd!)

    but i've noticed my cycles seem to be getting longer gone from every 4/5 weeks to 46 days the lo. So I think it will be harder this time to & am sooooooo impatient cant imagine waiting months it'd do my head in!!!!
  • hi katyjo its doing my head in now im on month 3.i caught very quick with my other 3.dont know why its taking so long maybe because im bloody impatient ha ha
  • Hi there.
    Im on
    I fell straight away with 1st and 3rd but took me 6 months to fall for 2nd.
    Im only on month 2 now, but even that feels like an age.
    Af is due monday, but I know this is not our month. boo-hoo
    this is the first time ive ever really thought about, when im ov ect though so maybe im thinking about it too much.
    Im not even sure that im ov as since coming off the pill I have cramps on and off practically everyday.
    hope we get our bfp's soon, xxx
  • hey lilaclaura whats the name of the conception vits you took?well all i can say is good luck to those whoe are pregnant and those trying good luck x come on bfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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