end of TTC

Hi girls

So I am back after my break with this:

I am sorry to have to say goodbye to you guys. But DHs attitude to work and money has gotten us into a situation where I have to pay for everything whilst being a full time student which has now gotten me into debt. And still he can't get his life sorted. I am so upset, I don't think I have ever felt like this but there is only one thing I can do now: Go to the docs and get back on contraception.
Am crying me eyes out whilst writing this. I know this sounds awful but just right now I hate my DH for taking my dream away.

I will miss you ladies. You are all wonderful. I hope that you get your BFPs soon and for those who just got theirs, I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.



  • Awwww Shuck, that's such a sad story!!! image

    Sounds like you need to get yourself sorted so that you are in a better position to give your baby the best start in life...I know its probably hard to think like that now, but the pressure of a baby amongst all that may have been too much!!!

    I wish you all the luck in the world & hope that everything works out for you in the future hon...

    Don't ever give up hope that it will happen!!

    x x x x x
  • Damn BE...Triple post image xx

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  • Damn BE...Triple post image xx

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  • Shuck i really hope you're ok. Don't really know how to help, hopefully you oh will get his arse into gear sharpish as you deserve looking after. Good luck and hope to see you back asap xxx
  • I'm so sorry to here this I just carnt emagen what you going through at the moment hope you can start ttc agen soon.xxx
  • aww hun im so sorry, i really hope you can sort something out soon and start ttc again.

    sending big hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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