OPK'S and ovulation?

HI ladies,

i'm CD18, normally have 30 - 32 day cycles. Been using OPK's this month, started using CB digital ones and got negatives all week.. I then went out and bought Tesco's own yesterday and got a positive yesterday afternoon but still negative on Clear Blue?

Anyway I then tested this afternoon with Tesco's own and got a VERY positive opk (test line darker than the control line - i've never had this!). Also i've been having twinges in my lower stomach at the right as though something is going on.

So when will i ovulate, could i still get a positive opk while i am ovulating or am i still to ovulate?

Been bding all week and plan on continuing for the next couple of days 'just incase'.

Any advice would be appreciated! xx


  • Hiya, can't really help as I'm not too sure myself, but I do something similar, I have tesco cheapies and then when I think it is a positive I use the CBD one to make sure, as they are so expensive they last a bit longer that way.

    I use fertility friend as well and this month when I got my positive opk it said I ovulated the same day, I think when it is positive ov can be within 12-36 hours away so keep going with the bd'g!

    Good luck xx
  • thanks for the reply!

    I thought when i got the positive yesterday that i would be ovulating today or tonight but when i got the VERY positive today i'm not so sure.

    I guess i could be ovulating today and i've just caught my surge today on the way back down.

    Its all so confusing, i don't know!!! will just keep bd'ing!! xx
  • I used opk's last month and they drove me mad gettin confused with them all so not using them this month if u BD every other day u cant go wrong as sperm lives up to approx 4 days inside ya so bd'in every other day will make sure u always have his little swimmers in u for when u ovulate x
  • Hi, i used tesco's this month and got 3 days of positive opk's which i found really confusing. We just bd everyday and stopped 1 day after negative opk. Fingers crossed it's worked cos it's very tiring x
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