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what agnus castus do you use?

Ive just looked on amazon for some agnus castus and im not sure which one to buy.

Is there a minimum 'about' you need to take, so should i look for a type/strength of tablet?

Thank you!
x x x


  • Whats agnus castus hun? xx
  • AC really screws my cycles up, so I don't use it anymore. What is making you want to use it?
  • Hi i took 1000mg once a day & tried it several months. Each time it reduced my cycle from between roughly 70-90 days back down to the 30's.

  • Jay,
    AC is a herb that helps to reduce long cycles. You take it from CD1 but strictly only up until you are due to ov as it can cause the uterus to contract. It worked for me everytime i tried it, so i'd say to anyone its worth a go!

  • I have been taking AC 1000mg for the last 2 months and it has made my periods regular at only 29 days. As i have PCOS i thought id try it, as before they used to be ridiculously long cycles!!
    However i have heard as katyjo said to only use it up to ov but as im not using anything to help TTC i have no idea when im actually ov so i take it all the way through my cycle, and the lady at the nutrition centre didnt say anything about it. So thats what iv been doing and its worked for me.
  • Katyjo-Thank you for that, i didnt know that you're only supposed to take it up until OV, thank you!!

    Ive got the CBDM, so hopefully i should always know when to stop.

    Im finally happy that AF arrived yesterday so i can get onto CD1 and loads of PMA!!!

    x x x x
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