Breakthrough bleeding?

Just realised a little while ago that i got some brown discharge, i am on CD 16. Never had that in the middle of cycle, they usually last up to CD12 when period end but now its came back. Could it be from old blood from previous period as we bd'd yesterday afternoon? Also went to toilet quite alot.

We are trying for baby #2. I can't be ov'ing bit early? My cycle vary 31-36 days. Did CB Ov kit past 4 days, still no smiley yet.

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  • hey honey,
    sorry didnt want to read and run but im really interested to see the answer as i had that this cycle and id never had it before.

    Does your AF last 12 days? Sorry, im such a dumbo-i didnt understand.

    My discharge was at about day 9 and i normally get a 5 day AF. When ive been using my OV sticks i thought that Monday would be the first day id get a high, but my sticks are showing that the brown discharge would be the day of AF if you see what i mean? Like i should have OV high 3 weeks after AF-but its counting the discharge as AF?

    x x x
  • Just saw this msge, as just opened my email inbox. Replied: 0 on here :\?

    Thanks for the reply. The first 5-6 days is proper period, then becomes brown last till cd12, so it cleans it out from old blood. but its came back few hrs ago but still little at the mo. Is ur cycle same as mine 36 days? Its frustrating to know when is my nxt ov. So will bd again tmrw. Is bd'ing every other day good chance to get preg?

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  • I did spot it said there was no replies as i thought BE had eaten my reply!! I get so cross when that happens!

    Im 35 days too, but i have a short AF. Ive never had brown discharge (apart from this month) after my AF, i get it before for maybe about 2-3 days and only when i wipe (SO SORRY TOO MUCH TMI!!!)

    I think BDing every other day should give you the best chance. Then that way you will catch it at some point. Its just so annoying as sometimes you double guess when you should be getting ready for AF,POAS or whatever!

    x x x
  • lol! Does that happen alot?

    What CD r u? Can u tell when ur ovulating? Im trying to work out, like check cervix. Left tummy twingled past few days. Had clear/lite white stretchy last thurs and fri. Will carry on to be safe side. Please let us see BFP this month (Feb)! x
  • Do u know what CD did u ov for ur 34 days cycle?
    Got my fingers and toes crossed for u! Let us gals know! Some get BFP as early as 6 days from First Reponse before AF due. Good luck! x
  • i had this on my wedding day last year. period had finished and then had some brown sticky discharge on the day which didnt last. and then 2 weeks later i got my BFP. some people say its ov blood/discharge which in my cycle would have been right but id never heard of it then.
  • :evil::evil:

    I swear, i just wrote back saying BE is eating my replies and IT BLOODY ATE IT!!! :x:x about day 22 but im getting a bit worked up as we've hardly BD'd for a BFP this month, and i got two dark OPK lines yesterday and BDd and we're gonna just keep going, but im scared i didnt catch it earlier!!!

    When will you be testing?

    x x x
  • berly - can u remember what cd did u have that discharge? its bit doing my head in wondering why its came back, but it looks exactly the same as when period finishes. At the mo its just getting lighter. x

    HomeFairy - LOL!! image
    Hope u get BFP this month! Good Luck! Tested 8am and 7.15pm, still no smiley. Gonna get some more tmrw as only got one left. x
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