Ov Dates - don't know which to go with!!!

Hi all

I've been tracking my cycles etc. for the last few months since we started TTC. From the symptoms I've had - i.e. stomach cramps and EWCM, I appear to have ov'd on CD14 for the last 3 months. My cycles are really short (25-27 days ish) and I have a 10-11 day luteal phase. Everytime I use an online ov calculator, it says I ov very early on in my cycle - i.e. I'm supposed to ov tomorrow but I have had no signs body wise to say that I am!

Not sure what to go on???

I did use OPKs for the last month and that also showed a positive on CD14.

Should I trust that and therefore not panic that hubby is away until Sunday on my 'supposed' ov dates???!!!


(today is CD10)



  • Hi Mrs Joo,
    I would go with your body and what it tell you. The computer things are ok to get an idea but if you have a +opk on the 14th day and you get EWCM then to then i would say that you do ov then. Or just to be on the safe side bd everyother day from the 10 onwards but if DH is away i wouldn't worry and stick with cd14.
  • You kow your body better than a website can. Trust in your ability to spot when you ovulate. Also you can't control the fact that your oh is away, so ignore the webiste
  • Ohhh thats a tricky one mrs joo, if oh wasnt away then id say bd both dates. If you do ov sat then you could still catch it sunday, is he back really late sun? x
  • i agree with the others. Computers are great at times but they are following programmes which can lie !!! I certainly don't trust them!!!
  • Thanks girls - what is my cervix supposed to look like? That's the only thing I'm unsure on!!!

  • If your ov sticks have been saying cd14 this past few months then thats what I'd be inclined to go with. Have you done any ov tests this month yet?
  • no debbiemc - he'll be back early - he hates being away from me and the cats!!! lol
    yes I think he'll be back just before lunch, maybe 11am ish?
    good time of the day too apprantely!
  • I am not sure if online ov calculators are that useful. As I ov around cd17 and my cycle is 28 days long, but the ov calculator tells me between cd 12-16. With me, I only get ewcm on one day, so my body doesn't give me any advance notice other than I am usually grumpy the day before.

    I wouldn't panic if I was you, just get bding when hubby gets back.
  • not doing Ov sticks this month nope! decided against it just in case I got a positive on them when hubby was away - would be a waste of money.

    I need to trade hubby in for a model who doesn't go away on ov dates!!! He did last month!

    Although saying that, I think I am worrying too much (as normal) and we will catch it at the right time after all...

  • You will just have to pounce on him as soon as he gets back! he, he x
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