Can you see a line? (Updated!)

Hello ladies,

It's been a long time since I posted and when I do post it tends to be on ttc after miscarriage, so in the nicest way possible - I hope I don't recognise anyone in here!

Hopefully there are some POAS addicts on here who can help me. I am currently 8dpo I think. My last lmp was 16th January (!!) so I don't know how many dpo I am. I thought I'd ovulated on cd 22 or so but no aunty flo. I then got a smiley a week ago yesterday.

These are both frer tests, neither taken with fmu, one done yesterday evening and one this evening. I took them apart because, yes, I am that obsessive!!!

I don't know which test is which. One line appeared overnight, there was nothing there til the morning. One line had started to appear within 10 minutes and was at this kind of strength after 30.

I can't help but feel that I'm clutching at straws here and that these are evaporation lines, or they're just ridiculously light to be read as anything, but I do know that whenever I've had negatives on frers, there has been absolutely no line whatsoever, so maybe there is some hope for me?!

Anyway, let me know what you think. Honest answers please, feel free to be brutal!

Looks like it was a BFP after all. On test SIX I got a nice clear line after a couple of minutes. Just really praying it's a sticky one. It's as dark as the darkest line that I got with my chemical pregnancy which i guess is a good sign but I've got a week or so before I feel out of the woods of that - and I won't be able to relax until 12 week scan at least (and probably not until the baby is born, as long as s/he sticks around long enough this time!)

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  • Hi hun

    Yes I can see two very faint lines, try and test again in a few days with fmu

    Good luck xx
  • Well your definately not seeing things, I can see those lines alright. image
    Ive always heard that you cant get evaps on FR tests, so fingers crossed, more than likely its a BFP!
    Like SD said test again with FMU.

  • i can definately see a line, but given the length of time it took (particularly ur first test, over night) i wldn't rule out evap lines just yet...wait a day or two and test with fmu, u'll get more accurate result then .. fingers crossed x
  • i can defo see a line hun! looking good, as ur only 8DPO may be why its coming up so faint? try test in a couple of days!

    *sticky sprinkles*
  • I can def see a line but again I would worry about the time it took to develop. Try and wait until you are at least 12/13dpo and test with fmu

    Good luck!!! xx
  • Ive never ever got an evap line but as far as I know they arent normally coloured but your definitely are.
    Test again in a few days with fmu. Hopefully you will get a nice bold pink line image
  • yep definately a line - that's what my one looked like with ds! If you were using a 10miu test try again with a branded one - that's what I did and the line came right up clear as day. :\)

  • Defintely two faint lines, did you test again this morning? x
  • Those, my dear, are lines image

    I'm 8DPO as well, but for the sake of my sanity am trying to stay away from the sticks for another 10 days, but looking at your lines it's mighty tempting image
  • beccaroo!! haven't seen you for aaaaaages. those are just what my first few days looked like, then the lines got much stronger and more convincing. wait and test with FMU in a day or 2. good luck!!!! let us know what happens.
  • Hi hun they look like positives, why dont you try a cbdigi just to be sure, he reason i say this is because i have heard of evap lines apperaring after the fr tests have been taken apart (not saying that this is the case with your tests but i would hate you to get your hopes up for nothing).
    Thoses lines have got colour in them though so i am guessing they are not evaps. GL xx
  • i love looking at test hehe

    congratualtions, really hope its a sticky one this time x
  • Aw congrats hun and hope its a sticky bean, best of luck to you xx
  • Congratulations - Just wondering if your chem preg was registered with your docs, I had a chem preg / mc at 5+2 in Dec, because I'd made the docs aware i was eligible for an early scan at the EPU. Could be worth a try to get to see bubs a bit earlier? Fingers crossed for a sticky bean xx
  • Hi Dotty, yes it was, as was my miscarriage in August at 10 weeks. Even if this is another chem preg, I will make the gp aware. And I will push for an early scan. My gp is brilliant and I would hope he'd after. But I would push for it anyway, even if he didn't. I'm actually booked in for an ultrasound to check for pcos anyway, which is only a few weeks after my first appointment to discuss whether I have pcos.
  • Hey Becca. Congrats and I really hope you have a smooth and ineventful nine months.

    K xxx
  • yay! congrats! xxxx
  • well done chick huge congratulations xxx
  • congrats hun here to a H&H 9 months

    i remember you from a while back here to a nice sticky bean

  • Congrats Becca. have a H & H 9 months.

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