OPK help


I've received some ov sticks and I am eager to start using them.

I know you're meant to wait for a new cycle and then start testing on average day 11, but can I start now? I'm on CD26 but my chart shows no ovulation. I get about 33 day cycles. What if I'm not ovulating? Can these sticks tell me?



  • hiya, if you start testing now, it wont show up a + if u r having ur usual cycle, im guessing u must of ov'd already? how r u monitoring it at the mo? xxxxxx
  • Hi,

    The little chart that came with my opk's says for a 33 day cycle you should start testing on CD16. If you're sure you haven't ov'd already then you could try, guess it depends how many you have or if you think you may be pg instead and want to wait to do a pg test in a week or so?
  • My cycle isn't always 33, that's an average. I'm not sure I have/ haven't ov'd, but I've been temping on FF and it hasn't detected ovulation x
  • you could start testing now if you wanted, but it may just be a waste of tests? up to you hun, i would try wait til af comes tbh. but if ur really itching and dont think u have ov'd then just go for it, cant do any harm xxxx
  • I think I'll take your advice and wait, I know it;s for the best! Thanks
  • i was lucky when i got mine in the post i had just finished af so i could start mine straiat away, sorry u have to wait! its so exciting getting stuff in the post and i just couldnt wait to pee on my new little ttc goodies lol. hopefuly it comes round quick for u! x
  • i think if your temps havent risen i would start using them, then at least if you get a + you have a good idea when AF would be due x
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