Intro and Advice please

I'm new to this site but i wonder if anyone can give me some advice.
We are trying for a baby. we have both been married before and have 2 children each. my youngest is now 12 years old. So its a while ago. Had no problems conceiving my children. Have had the coil fitted for 7 years and had it removed waited for my period and then started trying. i am now late for my next period and have done a test and both times its negative.
Just wanted to know if anyone had any advice at all?:\?


  • It can take a while for periods to regulate after having had the coil; sometimes periods just go 'missing' so I'm told! Try not to fret about it, test again in a few days and if nothing maybe talk to your gp to set your mind at ease, but it can take a while to regulate....of course you could be preg and it just be too early to show yet, so the test in a few days may show a BFP as well!!

    No way to know until you get either Af or BFP...sorry I can't be more help, perhaps somebody else knows....
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you though xx
  • Thanks for that x
    Ps i don't know what all these abbreviations yet will someone send me a list please LOL xx
  • Don't worry I was the same - I still get confused by some of them!
    If you go into the chatroom bit, in the rules section is a topic called Abbreviations for the Newbies!! It should be right near the top as everybody posts a new reply saying 'bump' or similar to keep it near the top so everybody can find it easily.

    Happy reading! x
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