friends with babies

hi ladies how do you cope with friends who have babies going to see our friends who have just had a little one last week im sooooooooo broody its un true im sure im ovulating this week so my hormones are going for it big time
im not looking forward to going but i am in other wasy we are very happy for them we just want one so much as you probally feel the same just dont know how im going to cope what would you do .xxxx


  • A few of my friends recently have either announced that they are pregnant or have just had a baby. I find it hard behind closed doors but try to be excited for them there and then and when i go visit. Its not their faults at the end of the day - its just incredibly bad timing.

    I can't really offer any advice, but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever wanted to chat then let me know as i know what you're going through. sometimes it helps me to have a bit of a cry and always offer babysitting duties image take care hun xx
  • Hello,

    I know just how you feel, a couple of weeks ago I got a BFN and my friend told me she was pregnant on the same day, I had a big cry which helped and the next day felt better about it because I just keep thinking it'll be me this month.
    Right now thats all that keeps me going!

    Probably not much help i'm afraid but you're not alone in how you feel.
  • im quite lucky at the mo coz no one i know is having a baby or is pregnant! although if i did find out that someone is pregnant im pretty sure i would be gutted!
  • aw honey i cant give any coping advice either as 5 people i know have either just had or are about to have baby girls (although i just want any healthy baby its a little girl i think about). I was crying so much.

    I wouldnt let them know though-but you could always see if you could confide in your Mum or someone?

    x x x
  • thanks ladies went to see them last night had a cuddle of the baby my heart strings were being pulled but i put a good front on feel better to day thanks mrslolly84 .xxx
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