how old is everyone?

im 21 years old i have been married for a year and a half and also have a 4 and a half year old daughter! and yet im still scared of what my parents are going to say when they find out eventually! how old is everyone else on here?


  • im 27 in april :roll: and hubby is 29 in march image

    we have a wee boy who is 3 in june,i no my mum will be excited but my dad and step mum might be like oh another grandchild lol they have 10 already image
  • Hi! I am 30 and husband is 29!
    My MIL is desperate for her first grandchild so no worries on that front!
  • hi im 32 and husband is 27 we are trying for our 4th my mum will b excited but mil might think we are mad lol i have 2 girls holly 6 chloe12 and 1 boy tyler who will b 3 in april xx
  • Hello i'm 23 and hubs is 26 in March. This will be our first, my mum knows we're ttc and I know she'll be uber excited because it'll be the first grandchild on the entire side of my family. Not sure about the in-laws, DH is his dads only child but his mum also has 3 other kids who've had their own children already. I think they'll be excited but it won't be as special.
  • Hi hun, I'm 30, been married for 6 years and my OH is 35. We are trying for our first.
  • Im 24 and have been married for about a year and a half.
    we dont have any children and im so super broody!!

  • I'm 28 at the week end! And hubby is 35. We got married last July. Really hoping for a birthday BFP...keeping everything crossed!! xx
  • hiya im 21 also been married for over half a year, not ttc yet.........but were not exactly being really careful if you know what i mean xx
  • Hey me and hubby are 24, been together for 6 years and married for nearly 2.
    Will be our first baby. Very excited, scared, nervous!
  • i'm 34 and Hubby is 33.. we are planning on TTC our first
  • i am 31 and husband is 30 early feb, we have a two and a half year old boy and are trying for our second. our son is the first grandchild on both sides and is adored... very lucky! i hope they are excited for us! xx
  • hey hubby and i are both 24, (he'll be 25 in may) been married almost 3 years and trying for our first cant wait xxx
  • I'm 26 and hubby is 25 (26 in march). We got married in September and are in the first month of ttc our first child. I am worried it will take us ages to conceive as have been on the pill for 13 years. Would be the first grandchild on both sides, and therefore very spoilt!
  • Hubby and I are both 31, have been married for 10 years.... no kids yet
  • im 32 and hubby is 34. we are trying for our 2nd. we already have a little girl who is 3.xxxx
  • I'm 36 and other half is 38 (almost) xxx
  • Hi
    i'm 29 hubby is nearly 29, we've been together for 10yrs but married 18 months, this will be our first. My mum will be over the moon as it will be their first grandchild but MIL is likely to say'oh god, you're not are you!' which is ironic concsidering we maried and very stable although SIL had baby after knowing partner less than yr and not even living together - but thats way she'll respond!!!
  • Hi hun, am 30 and hubby is 31, married 8 months and ttc first baby.

  • I'll be 28 in april, and hubby 32 in March - been married just over a year. Hubby is an only child, so will be 1st grandchild for his parents, my bro & sis don't have kids (though I'm the youngest) but my sis is ttc, so it's a race for the 1st grandchild (not that I'm in any way competetive with my sis...... aye right!!)

  • I'm 29 and hubby is 28. We have one little girl Lily 18 months old and are now TTC number 2. We've been married 5 years in May. xxx
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