omg cant believe it! vent!

hey girls really need to vent. Cant talk to anyone else.

last night me and hubby had a massive argument. feeling so down.

Admittingly i dont tend to tell him about every bill that comes through.
I dont do this to keep it secret in a nasty vindictive way, but in a way that i would rather not tell him so i can sort them out without having to have both of us stressing. I no its not the best way and i understand that now. therefore last weekend i told him everything so there were no more secrets.

I felt so much better for telling him and having everything out in the open.

he then asked me to send of an ebay item which i fogot to do but did it today. I told him i had sent it as i planned to do it today.

He then found out that i hadnt done it.

he started going on about my lying and that he cant put up with it anymore. So he said its over.

I feel like hes trying to have a bit of a power trip. But i dont want him calling our marriage off when the shit hits the pan. He needs to understand that we are married and if he wants me to change for the best then we should stick together instead of doing this.

Then this morning, i woke up and felt really sick with cramps down below........what if im pregnant and were not together?

were only young hes 20 and im 21 but we have been together since we were 14.

I love him so much! i cant bear this.

argggggggggg!i just dont know whats going on and its driving me mad!!!!!!!

sorry about this girls just feel like crap at the moment!



  • Hi hun

    Sorry to hear you are going through this email me if you want as I had a similar argument with my hubby last nite and yes it was over money and me wanting to buy a car but he always throws our money situation up in my face and I was feeling exactly the same as you omg what if he leaves me and I end up finding out I am pregnant.

    Just try to talk things through with him honey, your both only young but obviously love each other hope you can sort it out.

  • hi hun, hope ur ok, maybe hes just a bit stressed out at the mo, and has overreacted? i think he would appriciate if u were 100% honest with him by the sounds of it, so try ur best to do that 4 him. it does sound a silly thing to argue about tho! he must be under alot of pressure or something? or maybe from ttc! im sure in a few days when hes caled down things will be ok hun! just give him a bit of space, good luck ttc! xxxx

  • I do love him so much....but just dont understand how he can just do this. We have both been brought up totally different. My family is extreamly close and there are no split familys although in his they hardly ever talk to each other and all the familys are split. I understand that i need to be honest with him more but surely we should work together as a mrried couple instead of splitting up.
  • If I'm honest I would be pissed off about the lying. Maybe he is trying to frighten you so you stop it. It seems abut much to split over this but that said it makes people question trust, sorry to play devils advocate.......

    If I was you I'd try to talk to him explaining why you did it and see if you can work it out. I know they are only White lies and you mention you haven't been truthful about bills also. I once got in trouble with not paying council tax,long story but I didn't tell hubby, when the bailiffs came round it was very hard to explain to him why I hadn't told him and rightly so he was pissed off at me as it affects both of us. He was also angry that I felt the need to not tell him about something about money.

  • Why did you lie about the bills to start with? Did you spend the money on something else?

    It is one of those catch 22 situations, you keep it from him as you think if you tell him he will be cross and you will argue but if you keep it from him and he finds out, it is ten times worse.

    I hope you manage to sort it out - you never know the making up might make a baby image
  • Angry sex rocks heheimage
  • nah it was just bills that added up thats all! and ive now learn to leave that all up to him! i now leave all the post for him to open at the end of the day! I have my student money on monday so im paying everything that we owe then so every thing is a fresh slate! just hope he can forgive me. I now no tht i wont be mking the sme mistake again!
  • Sounds like you managed to sort it out... give him some good BDing tonight to make up for everything image
  • no where near sorted out hun - but i definatly aint gonn give up on my marriage that easily! got my mum to have our daughter over night so that we can hopefully spend some qulity time - just hope it dont end in arguements! and to make things better my wshing machine just managed to flood my kitchen!!!

  • Oh bloody hell! You are having a rough time aren't you!
  • tell me bout it! im trying to tidy to mke it really clean for when he gets home and then i nearly drown h ha
  • I'm glad you sorted sone of it out! Money shouldn't get inthe way of a perfectly good marriage image xx
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