Since im new back to this site id like to get to know everyone image

Im Sharon, i am 25, i am married and have a gorgeous wee girl called Jaimi-Lee who is 16 months old ad i live in Scotland :\)


  • Hi Sharon,

    Im Lindsay, im 28 with my OH now for 4 years. I have a son who is 10 (from a previous relationship) and a daughter who is 1 tomorrow image

    We are ttc #3 but suffered a MMC 3 weeks ago so no idea of cycles yet but BD'ing anyway.

    Im a community care assistant and Im from N.Ireland
  • hey ladies im Lisa,been ttc no2 2 years now bbooooooo lol lve in Scotland also image mon the jocks lol

    im married and have a little boy Lennon who was 3 yesterday image xx
  • Hi Sharon, I'm 25, married and have a little boy who is 12 months old. We're in our 7 month ttc number 2! We started trying when he was 6 months old as we wanted a small age gap...
  • Hey everyone! My name is Charlene I am 25 years old and I live in Kent been married for 2 years in September and we are ttc our first. On our second month of ttc this time around but did ttc 7 months last year but had a little break x
  • Hi everyone I'm Sam. I'm 31 and been ttc no 1 since Nov last year. We actually stopped using contraception last May but in those months we wrent really dtd at the right times and also I had a large ovarian cyst which I only found out and had removed in Sept. Im a teacher and weve been married for 18 months x
  • Hi ladies,
    I'm charlotte, 23, got married in April and I live about 15 mins from Brighton. I unfortunately had a mmc about a week ago, so waiting for first AF to start trying again xxx baby dust to all xxx
  • Hi,

    I'm vicky i'm 29 and i got married in july 2007. I have a 14 month old daugter called Charlotte and we are in month 1 of ttc number 2. It took 10 months to conceive Charlotte and I got a positive on an OPK yesterday so am now technically on my first 2ww !
  • Hi everyone,

    Im Louise, Im 24, been with my OH 4 and half years. We have a 9 month old daughter. We were ttc for just less than 3 yrs when I feel with her. We are not actively ttc no 2 but im not on the pill and we're not being careful as it took us so long to conceive last time!
    Im also in Scotland!

  • Hi ladies!
    I'm Ana, almost 30, ttc 8 months officially, 18 months unoficially. 1 DS, 9, from previous marriage. H2b and I will marry next May!

    I've had several CP's and a mc last jan, I have a short luteal phase and am on progesterone replacement at the moment. Oh and also 2nd month of using a CBFM that doesn't seem to like me! xx
  • Hi ladies, I'm 21. Been with my lovely OH 3 years and we're ttc number 1. I'm from the west mids.

    I'm on my first month ttc post mc after we fell pg using withdrawal method! I'm on cd32, no bfp, no af, no pma image Have no idea on my cycles but good luck to you all

  • Hi ladies,

    My name is charlene, i'm nearly 28 yrs old (birthday on the 27th of june) i'm married nearly 4 years (in july). i have a DD who is just over 10 months old. TTC num 2 after MC in april. i live in ireland

  • Hi ladies

    my name is Gemma,27, I have been with my OH for 12 years(since I was 15) and we have a littel girl is 17 months this month.

    This is our first month of TTC, I came of the pill last month and AF finished on the 23rd May and since then the baby making has begin(nearly every night lol image )
    I will testing around the 18th June but not getting my hopes up as it is our first month so will see wait and see what happens!

    We live in Suffolk

    Gem xx

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  • Hi ladies im clare and im 30 been married 10 years but together 14 (omg thats a long i have 5 ds who are 11,10,6,3 and 11 months and we are in our 2nd month of ttc number 6.
    oh, and i live in greater manchester.
    Luv clare
  • Hi Ladies, I'm Mrs G and I'm 26. I got married in January and we are in our first month of ttc no 1. I live in Northamptonshire.
    Mrs G xx
  • Gem,,, our dates ars the same.. ill be testing about then, maybe before as i am too impatient lol. How good would it be to have our 2nd at same time too? xx
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