Feeling very blue...

HI ladies,

I'm feeling blue and could just do with a bit of support. We've been trying for a year now, although on our 9th proper cycle as a couple of months things have gone awry. We're about to be referred and our doc is starting tests - he says it's not normal to take this long although a lot read on the internet says it is. I have never had any problems, I came off the pill a year ago and everything has been pretty regular. I use OPks a couple of months to check I was oving, everything seems fine but it's just not happening and I've a horrible feeling it never will.

I just wanted some reassurance really.



  • Hi Rach, didn't want to r&r. It is perfectly normal for it to take a while wih some couples. It doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong. I read a post on here, saying someone had conceived after 16 months, some after a few years.

    It will happen. It is a positive step going to the dr. They can either put your mind at rest, telling you everything is ok. Or they can help to rectify anything that might be wrong.

    Try to keep positive. hth xx
  • Hi Rach, first of all it is normal for it to take longer to get pregnant, your doc shouldn't have said that to you. Everone is different, some people get caught straightaway others like myself have to wait a little longer. We have been ttc properly since our wed last May but overall it's about 2 yrs and we went to see our gp in Nov last year who referred us to our hosp for fertility tests and we are still having them 6mnths later.
    You will go through mnths feeling like it's never going to happen and then others feeling positive so don't worry. I would wait and see what results come back and take it from there, your time will come when it's ready xxx
  • Hi love,

    I am kinda going to say the same as the other two girls but yes it can take a year or over to get preg so I really have no idea why the doctor said that to you???

    The good thing is you are being sent for tests so you can really see now if all is working well. I am sooo sure the stress of wanting a baby and the stress of trying each month affects us falling preg.

    I hear stories all the time about women trying for years and as soon as they give up, bang they fall preg. My point is it will happen, it just might take that little bit longer. Trying to relax with it all, is hard becuase even though you might not feel stressed about it, the chances are deep down you are.

    I want you to know you are not alone and that it will happen I promise youimage

    K xx


  • Thanks girls,

    I do feel a bit better now - i need to find some PMA!!


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