Used instead soft cup for the first time...Tmi alert!

So, had sex last night.After hubby had cum I put in the soft cup.They feel huge at first. I was lay down when inserting and this is defo the best way to do it. I just pushed and because it's uhmmm"lubercated" from hubbys swimmers it went in easy. As I was pushing it down and to the back, like it says to. It was like it was sorta sucking up the swimmers back to where they should be. When it got into place I couldn't even feel it was there. I slept with it in for about 9ish hours and there was zero leakage. So it did it job of keeping those swimmers next to my cervix.

The removal was what scared me most, I sat on the toliet to get it out. I pushed like I do when I poo and was able to hook the rim with my finger and pull it slowley out. There was nothing in it really
so I can safely assume that all the swimmer went into my cervix because there's nowhere else for them to go?!! On some American sites I read people where squirting pre seed and zestica into te cup before inserting to give the sperm a extra hand but I forgot to do this!

I'd recommend them to everyone and fingers crossed it has worked! I got a box of 7 for 7quid off amazon and they are one use only.

I hope I get my bfp!!!!


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  • Sounds a little scary to me, I would be terrified of not' being able to get it out again :lol: but hope it does the trick for you hun xx
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