Ive been using the access diagnostic ov sticks since sat- I keep getting a very faint test line on them- not at all as stong as the control line so im taking these as negative as last month I didn't ov until CD 23 ( im on cd 17 today) .

Last month I got a very strong positive line on cd 22 and then my temp went up the day after so I know I ovd on day 23 but previous to that I got a definate negative with no sign of a faint test line. (hope you are all still with me!!)

Any ideas why im getting this very very faint test line this month??
Anyone else had this?


  • Not sure hun as I've never had a +ve but alway's get a faint line whenever I test. Others have said they usually fade in and out and thought that was more the 'norm'. I don't think I'd worry about it as you got a +ve last month and I'd prefer one +ve and no faints as opposed to 30 faints etc. I hope you get a +ve again this month,I'd be interested to hear what happens x Goodluck x
  • oh i didnt realise it was the norm for them to feed in and out!
    mmm ok thats made me feel a little better as I know what a definate positive looks like from last month so il take these as negs!

    was hoping my cycle would be slightly shorter but looks like its going to be the same length! hey ho- as long as I ov i dont really mind!

    fingers crossed that i do ov int he next few days and the BD'ing we do in the next week or so will turn into a little bean!!! im sooooo excited and its only our first month of trying!!

    il keep u updated!

    how long have you been trying? x

  • Ok so im on CD19 and still no +'ve on ov stick aghhhhhh!
    Temp all over the place too- yesterday was 35.4!! Veeeeerrrry low- mine is usually around 36.5- do you think this could be a thermal dip before ov? (I had a thermal dip last month the day after I had a +'ve on an ov stick) but this month ive had no +'ve on a stick yet so im still baffled!!
    According to last months cycle I should ov on CD 23 so I suppose I should just be patient and see what happens!

    Has anyone else used these crappy access diagnostic sticks?!

  • I haven't used them so can't hep sorry, I use a CB digital OPK. It gives you a smiley face when you are very fertile and a blank circle when you are not. I find this really easy to use. Maybe you should try another option xxx
  • Yep I use them. Have been charting using BBT, CM & OV sticks, only started using OV sticks this month tho. I am currently CD10 of a 35/6 day cycle. Also had a very faint +ive today, bur I think until it's as dark as the control line it's a negative. Are you charting? There is a fab website I found which has some software I downloaded. You get a 15 day free trial first. It's called Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. It's excellent as it tells you exactly when you should be ovulating. HTH.
  • hiya yeah im charting- tried to find the website but cant?? what is the whole web add pls? thanks for ur help! :\)
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