When is 1 DPO?

I got my first smiley face on my clear blue digital OV test this afternoon. We have not been BD'ing as this is my first cycle since a MMC in February and have been waiting for my body to get back to normal. We will be BD'ing tonight, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Do I count tomorrow as 1DPO?

I am not holding out much luck this cycle, but just glad everything seems to be getting back to normal.

Just want to be able to count my days!


  • Hmmm good question hun, I would probably go from the first smily, so tomorrow will be 1DPO.

    How are you hun?? Good to see in you TFAB xx
  • Finally, thought I would move over, really have been wanting to move over for a while, but with the constant bleeding it was difficult to move on from the MMC. Today feels like a new beginning, no bleeding and a smiley face...... grenn light for go go go. Fingers crossed anyway, as I have had this before, without the positive OV test only to get more bleeding. I really hope this is the end of the nightmare x

    Thanks for the reply, hope you are well. So excited at BD'ing again...... officially TTC again, now comes the hard part!!!!!!!:lol:
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