Having a relationship with the toilet!

Well Af 20 days late and STILL no BFP. However, I was physically sick this morning. My sense of smell is very hightened and my boobs are really sore. I have been told that my scan appointment is in the post so it may come tomorrow. Also, (TMI coming up), my CM is heavier today. Does anyone have any ideas why this could be?


  • Have you been getting pains in your belly at all?? I saw when i missed my AF and no BFP that I could have a gut infection and this at times can cause you to miss a period??

    Do you you feel bloated at all or have any other signs?

  • I dont feel like I have a bug of any kind. I was fine this morning until I got out of bed and then I was sick. I do feel bloated and my jeans are tight around my middle and I have a rather yuk taste in my mouth. I have none of my normal symptoms to suggest AF is on its way.
    I really dont know whats going on.
  • I think it sounds hopeful, everything crossed for you.x
  • oh poor u!!!!
    I hope your scan appointment arrives tomorrow, your symptoms do sound promising. What was the length on your previous cycles?x
  • since my periods started when I was 12 I have always been regular. Im 33 now. For at least the past 8 yrs my cycles have been 28-30 days but never any longer.
  • mmm... Thats so strange & I can now fully understand ur concern. Have you had a blood test??? Has anything tramatic happened you recently or increased stress?
  • Absolutely nothing has changed. In fact I feel on cloud 9. Just a smidge concerned where AF is but not worried.
    Doc hasnt given me a blood test but he is sending me for a detection scan.
    I feel pregnant. Its weird, I cant explain.
  • hopefully your scan will shed some light & a surprise!!!
  • Doc hasnt said anything SB. Hes not interested or bothered. I think him booking the scan was to much trouble.
  • what is it with the attitude of some GP's!?!?!?!!!!!!
  • I dont really know hun. They should understand that its a testing (literally) time for women. If I need to go back to the docs I think I will ask to see a different one
  • Yeah I think so to. SB can I ask you a TMI question hun?
  • babymonkey im in same boat but not as late im 10days late feeling major sick like im gonna puke tender boobs headachs which i forgot to mention in my post and iv got vaginal dryness but all tests negative have they done blood test on you to check for pregnancy. how you manage get scan hun hope its bfp for you.
  • Thanks hun. Will warn you its a TMI question hee hee.
    You have got CM right? Whats it like as in what colour etc?

    Crystal24 I just went to docs when I was a week late for af and he just said he would arrange a scan.
  • O ooh! Just had to shoot in the bathroom pretty quick. Been sick again. I wonder if this could be the so called "morning sickness". Had the same this morning.
  • How are you SB? im still getting slight twinges. feel a tiny bit sick. cm is watery too. ive posted on jan 09 site.
  • Mmmmmm, I dont know weather to go fetch the mirror and have a look. TMI coming up.......................
    When I wipe it looks very cream/white. Think its watery. Not like normal AF CM.
    oooooooo I dont know now lol
  • it sounds very promising for you hun,
    i really hope this is it for you,
    i am currantly 25 weeks preg and my signs were,,,, bloated tummy. matalic taste in mouth . random sickness and a thick creamy discharge, and a crampy belly.
    i can not believe ya dr hasnt done a blood test. i would deffo see another dr hun, get a 2nd oppinion, dont leave the surgery untill they do blood tests lol
    hope things get sorted really soon good luck hun
    luv sam x x x
  • Go to another doctor!
    Good luck you, sounds like you might be a BFP
  • how are you feeling this morning babymonkey? x
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