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hi gayle1979

hi gayle
howz you? howz the sticks?did u get a hit?


  • Hi, Claire- I know I'm not Gayle and I know the message is not for me- but I got a hit this month!!!! First proper one ever- yippee! Usually I get a positive after ovulation- but this time I think it could have been bang on.

    How are you?
  • Hi claire,the sticks are crap! didnt get a hit,but definately got mucus plug,so pretty sure i ovulated!
    so we have been having plenty of action lol!!
    what about you? did you use the sticks? xx
  • lilypingu
    what brand you using ?im on day 14 ,boobs sore already though!
  • gayle
    didnt use sticks but been covering every 2nd day since day 11,but as said to lily,sore norks already so i fear i may have missed the slot!!!
  • hey claire,did your boobs get sore when you were pg before? i dont get sore boobs with af but when i was pg,they were agony!!!
    hi lilypingu,when ru coming up 2 my neck of the woods? xx
  • yep every month without fail,not sore when preg except last one when they were agony,but i think too soon to be preg symptom.what day u on?
  • im on day 19.last month af came on day 34.month before af came on day 30! so dont know exactly when im due on! how about you? x
  • due on 10th april,the wait is too long....on a lighter note its a busy week next mums 60th birthday is on tues,my wedding anniversary on wed,and then is a contraception by itself lol
  • if af was due on day 30,that would be the 34 will be the 13th.
    ur right lol,life is a contraception!!! my little boy Liam definately is!! hes not feeling very well,so ended up in with me last night,and oh was in his bed!!! busy week ahead 4 you then.that will help pass the time until you can test!! xx
  • ur little boy ok?mine has to have his tonsils out on 16th which means he has to stay in hospital overnight..i think im more scared for him than he is..
  • oh no,how old is he? Liam has got a bad cold,and its worse at night time.its awful when they arent well xx
  • i hate it when they get colds.we always seem to end up with them bot tyler is 8.hes my middle one.ive also got crystal 13 and victoria 4 .i would kike 5 kids,oh is just about persuaded lol
  • i know,kids are so generous with their germs! id like another 2 babies but oh just wants another 1.but you never know.................. lol
  • well i read somewhere that sore norks can be a sign of ov ,so i might still be lucky as i have cramp too but not the cm does that matter???
  • im not sure so just go for it!! last month we did the every 2nd day thing.this month its the twice a day thing!!
  • my oh has gone white with shock and says hes thinking of locking me out of the comp cos people are giving me ideas!!!!!!im off to try these ideas out lol speak to you later.and sending get well soon dust for liam nite
  • claire im wetting myself laughing at ur oh!!!!!! u go for it girl lol!! ah thanks 4 the get well dust.nite,speak soon xx
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