A glimmer of hope - no more

I'm trying not to get too excited in case I set myself for more disappointment but Thursday may have not been CD1 afterall!!

So far this is shaping up to be a very wierd AF - very light (using towels so I can keep an eye on it), darker than usual and no 'red' blood. Yesterday I was still having the same tugging cramps and boob pains, so last night I decided to ring NHS Direct.

A nurse rang me back and we chatted through everything that's happened to me over the past 2 or 3 weeks. She says it sounds like I'm pregnant!!

She said to keep an eye on my what's happening below for next few days, and as long as it doesn't turn into full red AF, wait another few days and do a test. I tested Thursday and it was negative, but she said I've probably just not got enough hcg in my wee yet, and the dark bleeding is hormonal, too early for AF (started CD26), some bits of old lining shedding and the end of my implantation bleed I had on CD18.

She said plenty of rest, fluids and test in a few days. So, for now, I'm smiling again. Just waiting for OH to get out of bed arounf lunchtime after a night shift then we're off for a weekend away, so I won't be drinking afterall.

Pleae everyone keep everything crossed for me it doesn't turn into proper AF! xx

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  • My fingers are well and truly crossed for you! image xx
  • aww sounds good hun! fingers crossed!!! xxxx
  • Sounds promising, fingers are crossed for you hon and enjoy your weekend! xx
  • fingers are sooooooooo crossed for you have a wonderful weekend away and let us know how u get on.

  • Fingers crossed tightly for you hun xx
  • My fingers are crossed for you too! xx
  • My fingers are crossed for you too! xx
  • Got mine crossed for you too, enjoy your weekend away and hopefully you will return to a firm BFP on Monday image x
  • Ooooo good luck! I hope you get BFP!!!!!! xxx
  • Sounds good hun fingers crossed and good luck xx
  • Ah well, just got back form our weekend away. It was going so well until what I think is AF did turn up in full swing yesterday afternoon, and now its like the heaviest AF ever. Still cramping, so I'm off to the docs this afternoon to find out WTF is going on with my body at the mo.....
  • Aww sorry the witch showed hun

  • sorry to hear that when you were feeling so positive

  • Hey loobylou,
    Sorry to hear that AF got you, it all looked so good for you image
    AF turned up for me too so I know how you feel after getting hopes up it sucks! I am starting to feel a bit better about it now and am starting to gear up for next month.
    Hope you are ok
    xxx Mrs Cake
  • Sorry hun, hugs and hope next month is your month and that you get sorted out at the doctors.

  • Ah Mrs Cake, was wondering how you'd got on. Sorry to hear she got you too.....here's to next month eh.

    Well, I went to the docs yesterday, and if its possible I came away feeling even worse. She tried to dismiss the symptoms as all in my head - she said you can sometimes want to pg so much, your body acts like it is.

    I told her a few of my fears (ectopic, a bean that hasn't stuck for some reason), and she said all that was unlikely, and to put it simply any bleeding is AF related and therefore not pg. She said the symptoms I had were all too early and wouldn't show up that soon.

    I've got to go back on Fri, she's going to look at my symptoms again (my tummy is still cramping and last night had sore boobs) and she's going to do a pregnancy test there and then and also check to see if anything else is happening. I'm doubting it will be BFP, but I've not seen this doc before and she didn't seem the type to 'humour' someone, so, will have to see.........

    Coincidentally I've got a hospitally appointment next Tues with a gynaecologist (a follow up from a colposcopy 7 months ago), he is a lovely man who last time I saw him gave us the goahead to ttc, so maybe if I talk all this through with him he may be a bit more clued up.

    In the meantime, I'm accepting its AF and have just bought some Sasmar off boots.....BD at the weekend here we come hopefully! xx

    Lou xx

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