FAO shopaholic_lea

hey shoaholic_lea just a question where u in the my baby was born in April09??


  • sorry to G/C, but I was going to ask you the same the other day Foxjenz!

    I think Lea was June or May.xx
  • That actually make me sound like a sstalker, I'm not, just like to read all the forums!

  • its ok thanks mcgillair, so where you in april09? x
  • Yeah, I was due 27th. Lo was born 10th May though! (it's his birthday today!) I remembered your avatar was a cute dog?xx
  • wow good memory! yeh thats our dog Max! aww my LO had his 2ish weeks ago! cnt belive hes 1!! its gone so fast! so how long u been TTC??
    this is my first month. xjen
  • Technically we're onto month 6, but only really really been try 2 months.

    Yeah, it's been a very quick year, too quick!!xx
  • Cool, we mite be due the same month again!!! lol i had mine a week early in the end i was due the 21st of april.
    hope u get a bfp soon then chick, nice to have aome april mums on here!!! BIG UP APRIL09 and MAY09 lol
  • You to honey!

    I'm cd6 today and thinking it's gonna be another 31 day cycle, not too bad i suppose!

    Sorry Lea for hijacking your FAO!xx
  • Im CD19 today! its all new to me last time i diddnt even try! lol 28 day cycle. ok see ya xx
  • Hey sorry been busy this morning!! I was due April but had a mc at 6 weeks, (caught accedently when coming off implant and swapping to pill) but then fell pregnant again and had a lovely little boy in June (also accidently so hoping im super fertile and wont be in TTC too long, in the nicest sense!)

    You have a good memory to remember that cause i wasnt in there that long really!!! xxx
  • aww glad to hear you had a lovely lil boy then and hope u have another baby soon! lol xxjen
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