AF due today so tested with FR this morning and as title says BFN!!!

What I'm more confused about is last 4 temp readings have gone up and this is since Monday when I had bad cramps which makes me think I was actually ov'g then and this month Cd could be around 40 rather than 28! reckon I've missed the boat now so will wait for af to come whenever that may be lol!!!! x


  • thanks K-A.

    I think that I'm ov'g now. It's weird as yesterday EWCM and this morning woke up feeling really wet so thought AF had turned up and nothing. Then looking at temps since monday they are gradually getting higher. Cramps all week though. I would probably have not noticed them before if not ttc!

    I will wait a week now for AF and still not here next Friday will test then x
  • Hey hun, not over till the witch appears hun as Keri-Anne said it may just be a shy bean....have you been using OV sticks? xxxx
  • no haven't used them this month as wanted to see what my CD were going to be.

    So last month I had CD 28 but first "proper" cycle after coming off thought this month I'd see what cycle was and try and work out ov from CM (which hasn't really been an indicator)

    I have done a random few ov sticks so did one yesterday when I got in (just in case) and -ve so I don't really know anymore ha!

    I haven't had sore boobies which I do get around AF time but this week had terrible cramps on Monday and then niggles all week! The nausea was worse but it seems to have gone now.....maybe I was just ill though lol! xxx
  • what CD are you on now then hun? xxxx
  • Hi Nicnol, it seems we've both been feeling the same this week! This is day 3 since AF was due and CB and FR both gave me BFNs, had lots of symptoms too so not trusting my body anymore at all! Have been reading posts for a while but am new at posting so hope you dont mind me jumping in. Hope you've got a shy bean like Keri-Anne said, fingers crossed for you xxx
  • thats so strange, sorry about bfn! lets hope u r ov'ing instead, get bd'ing just incase xxxxx
  • Hopingtobeamummy - on CD29. I came off the pill last year for 6 months as we were going ttc then we said to wait till next year as we were buying our first house but CD's ranged from 30-38 but averaged at 34.

    No probs Laura - our bodies are def strange!!

    mrs *me* I hoping I'm not ov'g.....CD will be about 43 arrgggghhhh!!! lol xx
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