Wishful thinking


My mum's birthday is on the 23 June and she is having a big family party on Sat the 28th which is the day I am due to test or due on. I pray to god i am lukcy enough to fall preg this month so that i can tell her and my family on that day how cool would that be.

K xx


  • Morning K, wow yes that would be a lovely suprise for the whole family, i've got everything crossed for you! How are you feeling today anyway? It's a glorious day here, shame i'm stuck in an office though image x
  • PMA honey thats wat i like 2 c xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls i am feeling much better thank you. I said that yesterday bout 2ish i started to stop bleeding and then got like white cm and then at about 11-30 last night hubby and I made love , and then last night I bleed again?? Am still bleeding though not as much we will not do it now till next week but i am worried it will look like I have finished and then I will have sex and then bleed again???

    I know it would be soooo wonderful if that happened butif it does not then thats ok too but it would be great

    K xxx
  • I know it's all so confusing and at the moment we just don't know what our bodies are going to do next, I suppose we just have to be patient and go with the flow and bd whenever we can and just let nature take it's course and 'try' not to stress and worry too much x
  • Dont want to be nosey K but did you orgasm when you bd'd and then bled after because it could have been the spasms of that contracting your uterus which made you bleed again with the stuff that hadnt yet come away, if that makes sense(my lo is having a tantrum so its a bit hard to concentrate!!).xx
  • (very red in the face) yes I did. Maybe that is it but what would happen if we had not had sex would that just go away or would it of ended up coming out anyway?

    It's horrid as I have no problem being on it's just thinking i have stopped and then having it again but loads.

    I am due to OV next week so was going to start bd from this saturday every other day but now i am worried I will just bleed again?

    I did have a belly ache right after and though here we go again. Got up about 3am and i had bleed a lot went back to bed and then got up this morning and nothing really? Got to work and had TMI a clot which is my second one on this cyc. I feel ok a bit faint but ok.

    k xx
  • I think sometimes when you come off bcp it can give your body a bit of a shock. The pill keeps our periods light and lovely and then when we come off we suddenly lose more than usual and come become anaemic etc. The answer? I dunno but surely eating choc has gotta help?

    Anyways what the bloomers am i waffling about?

    Hope you get your bfp this month K-lou and get a lovely spring baby!!

  • Yeah your right, just feeling a bit sorry for myself today though i have no idea why as there is nothing wrong with me? Somebody slap me with a fish!

    Thank you, really how cool would that be i was thinking about babies this morning (what a shock) and I just though oh my god that would be the day i am due to testimage It would be sooo amazing to have that to tell the family. I have even gone as far as thinking how I would do it. I would write in my mums card Sorry i could not get you much this year but one thing we got you that costs nothing at all is.........a granchildimage

    How wicked would that beimage

    K xx
  • Ooooh yes that'd be lovely, you could put a little pic of your clearblue bfp, it'd be perfect!!!!!!!! (You can tell i have thought of this scenario too!)

    I sooooooooo wanted to be pg this month cos i could've told dad on father's day next weekend and my EDD would be 14th Feb!!!! Oh well it's no over until the old witch sings!!!!
  • You never honey you very well may be!!! it would be so great if we were though i wish all the girls on here were i really do. I spoke to my old boss last night and she said her sister Clare came off the pill and was preg in 8 weeks and then three years later came off it again and bang preg 8 weeks later again!!! Some people are just sooo lukcy!

    K xx
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