Whats going on?????

Arrrrggghhhh! I am going mad.

I am CD 30 usually have anywhere between 22-27 days still have no AF just brow discharge and this has been going on now since Thursday. Tested this morning witha SD test and BFN.......do you think i am out for this month?

We have been referred to the hospital but the doctor told us to keep trying as we could fall naturally. I have never had a cycle longer than 28 days...........it's driving me mad!

Lisa x


  • I'm a novice to all of this hun as it's my first month ttc but didn't just want to read and not reply!

    Not much use to you I know... apart from re-iterating to you that you are not out until the witch actually arrives!

    Fingers crossed for you ..
  • Sounds peculiar!

    Don't they say some women don't produce enough of the hormone to show in the urine tests? Maybe go ask for a blood test?
  • I'm a bit of a novice too but didn't want to scarper without saying anything. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds but try to relax, listen to some tunes and get a good nights sleep. I have insanely irregular periods but I've found that the desperation of falling preggers made them even worse (went from June 09 to Feb 10 with zilch). Believe me, I know how hard it is to not think about it but if there's any way you can try to distract yourself for a couple of days then it might help. I know that I stressed and stressed for months wondering what the hell was going on but when I eventually gave in and tried to relax a bit my body thanked me for it! Fingers crossed that it's a sneaky BFP for you though m'love xxx
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