Link to Wedding Pics :p

Hi all

Link to my wedding pics from May09 YAYW I will leave this up for a few days, if you want to post yours we can take them down in a few days.

Fellow May09 brides please post your pics too cant believe we are only 3 months away from our 1st wedding anniversary where has the time gone to!!

xbox78 - password

SD x



  • can i gatecrash? i was a YAYW May 09 (May 23rd) bride but didnt post much. Ur pics are gorgeous. May is such a lovely time of year to get married isnt it? I cant believe ive been a married woman for almost a year - crazy!! xx
  • Absolutely gorgeous SD, absolutely love the venue where you got married. Was it a church? (looked like it had carpet?)

    Hey pumpkin pie, I got married on the 23rd aswell x

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  • gorgeous photos ladies, you all look so beautiful image

  • beautiful pics ladies,i love a good look at wedding pics lol

    i got married in sept 08,2 years this year already...time goes too fast
  • they are all lovely! i love your flowers! ad the password made me laugh hahahahaha, im now gona sneal a peak at jay78s now image
  • gorgeous pics ladies!!

    would love to add mine but my weddings still 2 years away :roll: can't wait now, you both looked like you had a wonderful day! xx
  • oh wow honey, you look stunning! Your dress is beautiful as well, and your flowers, and your hair...!!! Gushing now!! Awww, might have to dig my photo albumn out again...
  • ah lovely! I'm a bit of a wedding photo addict but as we had an abroad wedding I dont have an online album like that just an old fashioned paper one! Jay I love yours too image
  • hi!i got married june 10th 09, loving your pics and your dress, we had our hair and veils very smilar!im gonna do a little laptop slideshow of my pics now to cheer myself up!xxximage
  • Hi SD,

    Love the photos, I love the way you had your hair with the 2 colours, you look lovely image
    BTW Ive never seen so many photos in a wedding album in my life :lol:
    Im guessing your hubby has something to do with the password. :lol:

    Heres my album, had to be a facebook link.

    P.S. Added a message to your topic in YAYW in the may09 forum and just realised the last time you said anything was sept last year lol image


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  • oh wow they are really good you look so pretty hun

  • Hi everyone thanks was just feeling like a little reminisce!!

    Pumpkin pie - of course you can gatecrash, wow cant believe there is a few May09 brides graduated over here now yey we can all be bump buddies aswell as wedding buddies!

    Jay78 - Yes we had a church wedding loved it but very long service!

    Babygaga - you look absolutely stunning, love your dress, venue and the horse and carriage wow.

    Littlewolf - for some reason I cant see you photos hun image

    MPP - You look beautiful hun, love your dress and your hair.

    No I graduated straight over here and only pop back to yayw now and again, I will have a look on there now for your post.

    I love looking at wedding pics and well its a refreshing change at the moment and a nice recap on all our wonderful wedding days.


  • wow beautiful girls xx
    Littlewolf i cant see yours either!

    babygaga - im not being rude but your mum (well i think its your mum) looks the spitting image of marlene from only fools and horses. Looks like you had a fantastic day hun and you looked absolutely gorgeous xx
  • MPP - i was just going to check your photos out but for some reason it wont let me x
  • Hiya jay, are you with facebook? I think you can only see them if you are a member of facebook, Ive changed my privacy settings so everyone can view it.

  • MPP - i still cant see yours. It says i dont have permission even though i am on facebook. I was able to see deballen's pics

    Gorgeous by the way deballen xx
  • Ok thats really weird, i think other people could see it.

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