is anyone else charting their temperature? i'm thinking of starting next month but am doing all my research etc now.

if so what thermometer do i need? can i just go into boots and there will be one??

thanks xxxx


  • Hey hun, i was looking into this too....theyve got some great deals on ebay at the mo, ov sticks, pg tests and the thermometer 4 ??8.99, it has to be a digital one so its down to the excact digit and these ones are which i think is gd, am quite intrested to see if it works...altho ive promised myself i wont get obsessed lol! At least im going into it this time hacked a bit fed up of ttc now so i think i wont get so stressed! Hope ur ok hun xxxxxxx
  • lol it's dangerous telling me about deals like that because i might just be tempted.....! i too promised myself i wouldn't get obsessed. but maybe i can be relaxed yet still take my temperature too?! if i start taking it this month i might just get into the habit of it so when next cycle starts i won't have to think about it too much image

    that's what i'm telling myself anyway!

    good luck hun xxx
  • Hi Mrs_e. Hope you are ok. So sorry things didnt work out for you, really hope that you are feeling better now. Sounds as though you are really positive though so that is a good thing.
    Take good care, love bluebird xxxx
  • thanks bluebird. i keep having "moments" when i feel sad and i will never forget our little bean but i'm determined that one day we will be lucky. DH is even reading up on what vitamins etc he should be taking and food he should/shouldn't be eating so he as determined as i am to get a perfect little bean next time.
    my only problem is having the patience to wait a cycle but i know i should to give my body time to heal.

    hope you doing ok xxxx
  • Hey hunny, we went out and got his and hers pronatels today 12.99 for 30 tablets each...steap but like u were determined will get a healthy bean next time!!! Were not waiting for my first af, after my last mc it took 5 months and i know its bad luck that i mc'ed were just going to carry on as we where and see what happens! Gdluck with having the not sure i could be as good! xxxxxxxx
  • well i went out and got a thermometer.... so i'm not doing very good at having patience. if i ovulate in a few weeks it will be difficult for me to not try i think.......arrghh.
    hmmm i'm tempted by the his and hers but i'm currently taking the pronatel folic acid with omega 3 ones... and DH is taking his vit c with zinc so i might leave it at that for the time being.
    am reading zita west at the moment.
    fingers crossed for our little healthy beans xxxxxxxxx
  • hi mrs_e, im taking the same vits too! I am not going to conciously 'try' as such (wouldnt really be able to time it anyways as no idea what will hppen with cycle now reimagev times etc) but am just going to 'do it' and see what happens. I thought about temp charting too, but as its got to be done at same time each morn, after good solid sleep, I doubt it would work for me as my munchkins have me up at all times, and dd still not sleeping thru most nights (18mths!!!) so not sure it would work for me.
    Might try it anyway tho, just out of curiosity. Would an ear thermometer work do you think?! Good luck with your ttc hun, and like you said: heres to happy healthy sticky beans for us all! *chinks glass* xx
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