hey everyone. i have been loitering on here for a few months and was about to join in the planning a baby section. we were originally going to try from the end of this year, but then decided when hubby finds a new job. he is likely to be made redundant in the summer, has at least 3 months notice yet. i have been mega broody and on fri he said he wanted to try from then. so here I am and so excited x


  • hi. its so weird suddenly being able to talk about trying. we havent told anyone around us. i dont really know much, just going to see how it goes. love the cat! we have a kitten, well she is 8 month x
  • Hi hun, welcome to the ttc section! xx
  • thanks for the welcome. i came off the pill in november and have had 28 day cycles with the exception of two which were 24 days including my last. had been on pill 6 years so was pleased to have returned to normality pretty quick. how long have you guys been ttc?
  • I came off the pill in September 09 and have been trying ever since, so this is my 7th month. We fell pregnant in the first month but it wasn't to be and I only got to just over 6 weeks. My cycles returned to normal straight away too (thankfully!)

    Hopefully this will be the lucky month for both of us! What CD are you on? x
  • so sorry to hear that, hope you get your BFP soon. Whats CD? sorry I know nothing, picked up a few bits and pieces from loitering but thats it.
  • just looked at abbreviations, im not totally sure, my last AF was 21st march. do you work it out from there?
  • Sorry I never thought, don't worry you soon get used to all the abbreviations! Yep you count the day your AF started as calender day1, going on your usual 28 day cycle that would mean you're probably ov'ing today, make sure you grab your hubby tonightimage xx
  • lol. we only just decided on friday, its exciting but i guess like a lot of people i find it nerve racking too. keeping it quiet with everyone we know as know will get reactions about hubbys job. thing is there is always a reason not to start and it could take ages. thanks for your help, another thing i know now. we BDed friday and this morn x
  • I know exactly what you mean, I found out last week that I'm at risk of redundancy next Monday :O we talked it all through and decided that there's never going to be an ideal time so we're carrying on (don't think I could stop now!)
    It's best not telling anyone, it saves alot of pressure and questions!! We hadn't wanted anyone to know but after the miscarriage our parents knew we would try again, now my mum-in-law-2b asks everytime I see her if we "have any news" :roll:

    Good luck hun!! xx
  • yeah much less pressure. its difficult with jobs aint it, hubby hasnt been given his notice yet and thats 3 months. he is applying for jobs at the moment and his identical job with same company at different location is available and they sent him a letter yesterday with an interview for a few weeks time. its weird as i was never that bothered about a family and thought would leave it till closer to 30, but since the wedding last aug ive got more n more broody! hope you do get your BFP, even when loitering ive seen how supportive and helpful you have been to some of the girls. likewise on yayw.
  • Aww that's so sweet to say hun, thanks!!

    That's great news about the interview, I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    I didn't think I would get so obsessed about starting a family before the wedding (it's booked for 2012)but it's like someone hits a switch and it's all you can think about image xx
  • So true Huni, when is the right time? I used to tell my mother that we couldn't afford kids yet. My mother, said 'no one can EVER afford children!'

    Oh, Hi Excited!! You're very lucky with your 28 day cycle, textbook!!
  • likewise, its like someone has just flicked a switch. i was surprised with the 28 day cycle, very textbook. i started taking folic acid yesterday since we just decided on friday. have u been trying long spikesma? i dont wana keep talking about it with hubby, thank god for the internet!
  • :lol: I think my H2B would have went mad by now if I didn't have this forum to talk baby things to :P xx
  • lol, men just dont see it like us do they!! hows the wedding prep going? x
  • This is my second cycle ttc. We already have a son (13 months) and I had a mmc :cry: in December. These forums are great, the advice is second to none, and you can post any question without feeling like a nincompoop.
  • lol im sure ill ask lots of random questions in the months to come, through TTC and hopefully at some point through pregnancy. sorry to hear about your mc
  • The wedding planning is at a stand still now, everythings done that can be done so just have to wait until abit closer to the time, it means though that the only thing on my mind is TTC :roll: It does get very confusing when people stop me and ask how the plans are going...there's a few occasions I nearly blurted out "how did you know we're TTC???" :lol: :lol:
  • lol. im normally a very organised person but wasnt for wedding. we booked our wedding march 08 and got married august 09. i was terrible at making decisions, didnt order dress till april, or choose harpist or cake till july! booked honeymoon in about the may time, lol. loads of people at work keep assuming we will have a baby soon.
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