POAS-athon on Saturday morning??

Me, day dreamer and sevans so far.

Anyone else???


  • Id love to join you ladies but i wont have ov by then!! Good luck to you both xx
  • Hehe Mrs Amanda, you must be over the moon!!

    Gypsy I nearly gave in and went to buy a test on the way home, I am so impatient! x
  • I would have bought one if we'd gone to town! lol! But I'll get one tomorrow and have it ready for Saturday morning image

    I feel fine again now - drat!!!

    Amanda - be careful you don't run out of pee! lol!!
  • Superdrugs own are buy1 get 2nd half price-for one or two in a pack!
    Good luck ladies!!!xx
  • oooh good luck ladies - last month's peeathon was very lucky for me! Sending you lots of baby dust and hope you will be joining me xx
  • Just wanted to say good luck girls, i won't be joining you but i'll be thinking of you.
  • Don't know about Mithical as she is due Sunday.
    Mithical - are you about, how are you doing honey?
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