Urgent!! In need of cbfm help!!!!!!!!!

I don't want to have to buy opks this month since I just got a
cbfm! I'm cd 10, I ov on cd 17 or 18 usually!

I know I can cheat an say I'm on cd5 then reset it next cycle but will it still work???


  • It will still work but won't build up an accurate picture of your cycles. Will still pick up your surge though! good luck, i love mine!x
  • So worth doing it? I'm really want to get preg this month,
    I've got cbfm, zestica, soft cups!
  • i wouldnt personally unless you have a longer cycle then it recommends,only saying as it may knock your next few (if there is any) months using the CBFM out,if you were cd 5 now i wouldnat have maybe said yes but not cd10

    up to you really tho chick x

    i loved using mine although i dont use it now was great for the 6 months i did
  • If I reset it after this cycle then it will start from scratch won't it?
  • yep will loose all data
    i used to start mine later but my cycles were 40+ day, if you normally OV on cd 17 theres is no need to start it later x
    good luck
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