possible pregnant

hi everyone ime new on here and i just need some advice so not sure if anyone can help me
my periods are for 3 days every 21 days i had the implant removed in january i started my period 18 jan implant removed 19 jan then finished my period 20 jan then i went about 5 weeks had a period 17-20 feb then another 12-15 march then i was due on 1st april there was no sign until the 5th april not due for next period until roughly 29 april but i went to the toilet yesterday and when i wiped there was a little blood on the tissue wiped again straight after and there wasnt anything i have never spotted in all my periods i have had stomach ramps at the bottom of my stomach there is some light bleeding but nothing like my period i have done a hpt and it has come back negative could it be that i am pregnant but too early for a test i am just worried as i have had 5 miscarrages and 2 ectopics so i am rather worried can someone please give me some advice many thanks lin:\?


  • Hi Lin, it could be that the spotting is implantation - do you know when you ovulated?

    And the hpt could have been negative because its just a little early for the hormone to show. I'm not really awake this morning to work out your dates, sorry...I'll give it a go....ok, going on your date of 29th to be due, and a standard lp of 14 days I'd say around now would be right for an implantation bleed hon.

    If this doesn't turn into a full af (period) then I'd wait until your af is late, and then test again with fmu (first morning urine - sorry, don't know if you know the lingo around here!). Even then it might not give you a positive even if you are, some girls have to wait a while longer (which is very annoying!)

    Good luck and hope its a sticky bean for you xx
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