Bad news and Good news...

My bad news - I have AF at the moment but DH is leaving again on Sunday for 3.5 weeks so no chance this month again :x I hate his job but I guess it would be worse if he didn't have one, right? It's just so frustrating when ttc as his plans and my body can't seem to co-ordinate schedules!!!!!

My good news - he'll be home again at the beginning of May and then I'm going to S. America with him when I'm OV'ing!!! YAY! Please, please let May be our month again! We conceived dd in May 3 years ago so I'm May is lucky for us... I would LOVE another February baby (or any month for that matter!) esp. as now BE has taken down the "Born in February 08" forum :roll:

Pointless post really but just needed to let it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babydust to all!


  • Woo! Enjoy your hols....

    All that heat, fun and drinking always equals dirty holiday sex at least once a day..... A winning combination! Xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Sorry to hear that hubs is away at the 'crucial' time this month, My hubs is away on business on tuesday/wed this week and I have told him that he will be required to 'perform' on tues morning before work and when he gets back on wed night!!!
    Thankfully he is more than happy to oblige image

    S America - how exciting, it could be your lucky month and then you can call it something exotic after the destination lol!!

    Babydust to you too hun xxxx
  • Sorry to hear your hubby is off to work away.... btu at least you have your holiday to look forward to...fingers crossed you come home with a little holiday bean x
  • thanks ladies - I'm hoping to come home with a little "brazil nut" :lol:
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