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Ot : I think I'm being a leetle naughty...

Just come back from another successful personal training session, but whoops, how did I manage to sit here and eat most of a tub of Hagen Das Strawberry Cheesecake?

Oopsie - guess I'll need to do more BDing to burn that off then imageimage


  • I can resist the Haagen Das - but only because I am normally been hypnotosed by the Ben & Jerry's. The phish food one is heaven. Still, well done you for the training session - you earned your reward. X
  • You've just reminded me I have a tub of B&J new york super fudge chunk in thre freezer.

  • We ate a tub of Haagen Das Cookie Dough last week...was sooo yummy! And we totally deserved it as it was AF time and we needed cheering up image
    Plus hubby has this theory that anything that is reduced at the supermarket has no calories image Love his logic!
  • It's like my friend who told me it was ok to eat broken biscuits as all the calories had fallen out image
  • lol I like that!
    Mental note: break all the cookies we make before eating them then....
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