shouldnt be please but i am!!!!


I had my implanon out on the 21st of jan and had first AF on the 22nd of march! well today i had my second AF! Exactly 28 days!

Although i should be slightly gutted that AF actually pleased.

I was totally shocked that it came on the 28 day mark.

I now know exactly where i stand and can start properly knowing how long my cycles are!

whoooooo hooooooo! do i sound bizarre????


  • lol you dont sound bizarre atall hun! its great that u now know where abouts you are with your cycle that way you know when to BD etc. so thats great news hun... hope its ur last AF for the next 9 months tho! good luck xxxxxxxx
  • i know what you mean! a great tool for keeping track of your cycles is on the clearblue website. You d/l it to ur pc and it tells you what cd day you are and when to test for ov etc.
    Ive found it really useful to track cycle length and when u ov!
  • I am exactly the same - this is my third month off Implanon and, although I'm obviously a bit disappointed I haven't had a BFP yet, I still get relieved when AF turns up on time because at least I am having regular cycles. I think that should keep me going for a few months more, but I am sure I will start to dread the sight of her before too much longer! xx
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