Weird pains

hey ladies,
Well today im 6 dpo which means if i was pregnant it would be implanted... Had a few different things im noticed this cycle.. i Slept until 1pm today, 1PM!!! the last 2 days ive felt real tired.

But i have a question. Ive been having some af like pain in my left ovary does anyone know what it could be from?:\?


  • Hi hun, implantation can be anything from 5-12 DPO so the pains your having could still be the little bean making it's way down. It would be very very early to be feeling any real symptoms, the tiredness could be due to all the BD'ing image but really hope you get your BFP!
    Good luck xx
  • ah ok i always thought implantation was 5-6 days.. hmm u learn something new everyday... im new to all the info on baby making... nevr had this sort of pain this early in my cycle before
  • It sounds like it could be implantation pain. I've had the same kind of thing too...gettin an ache in my pelvis on the left side roughly a week after conception then generally in pelvic's died down over the last few days (due on any day) plus my boobs have been tender every day since ovulation. I had these exact symptons in my last pregnancy & don't get them on usual we'll sounds positive tho image

    Good Luck xxx
  • lets hope we both get our BFP this month flowerpower1
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